Spatial music theatre | November 2019 | Spielart Festival | Einstein Kultur | Munich

By and with: Miguel Ángel García Martín, Hannes Köpke, Ferdinand Nowitzky, Olivia Rosendorfer, Konstantin Sieghart, Maria Wang Kvalheim, Julius Zimmermann make-up: Stefanie Trattler

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Half a million people demonstrated for women‘s rights in London. There were advertisements for radiactive toothpaste in European newspapers. In the colonies the greed of profit caused the deaths of more people than ever before.

Philipp Bloom describes the period of 1900 to 1914 as our twin period - it equals our present since both periods seemingly have an undefined future and are affected by questions. Unlike the periods in between, which were heading towards victory or loss during the two World Wars and the Cold War.

In the centre of our work lays the experience of nervousness and vertigo given an unseizable reality. Because the big questions of the beginning of the 20th century have not yet been resolved: the deconstructed individual has not been assembled, the problem with capitalism has not been solved, the gender debates are far from over and the hole left by the dying religion has not been filled.

This resulted in a spatial music theater including live improvisation with historical music fragments, scenic work processes and video projections, that are streching the limitations of the room. The pictures and atmospheres draw a line between situations, inventions and events of the Vertigo Years.


The project was created in coproduction with the Spielart Festival and was funded by the cultural department of the City of Munich.