Narrative educational project and film | August to October 2022 | nursing home Agaplesion Bethanien | Berlin

by: fachbetrieb rita grechen and FEELINGS concept, direction and skript: Jil Dreyer, Hannes Köpke, Josef Mehling set design and costume design: Olivia Rosendorfer camera: Julius Zimmermann cut: Hannes Köpke, Julius Zimmermann production management: Julius Graupner with: Heidi Gester, Ulrich Goldbach, Silke Hebert, Klemens Hitzemann, Karin Nawrath, Hartmut Schmidthals, Horst Schnarr, Karin Seiffert, Ingrid Wurster

Salon is a narrative educational film project with participants from the Berlin nursing home Agaplesion Bethanien. Using role-playing tools, they invent a world in which they live and meet as gods in a salon every 70 to 90 years and share their experiences. Together with the participants we embark on a journey of remembrance, feed from the rich life experience of old people and invent a fictional world of the future.


Salon was funded by the Fonds Soziokultur and the nursing home Agaplesion Bethanien in Berlin.