Interactive exhibition | november 2019 | D21 Kunstraum | Leipzig  

By: fachbetrieb rita grechen and Wisp with: Emma Chapuy, Felix Deufel, Laura Immler, Ferdinand Nowitzky, Olivia Rosendorfer, Paul Schengber, Konstantin Sieghart, Maria Wang Kvalheim, Julius Zimmermann

For the exhibition series A Staight Line, an Empty Void of the art space D21, we dealt again with our music theatre project piece of silence, which we created in spring 2018. For the exhibition we collaborated with Wisp and created a sound installation, which makes the potential of silence tangible. The supporting program of the exhibition included a concert, workshops on the topics of text recycling and sound in space. We also invited Prof. Dr. Kobayashi to talk about the Japanese concept of Ma.

The visitor enters the art space and stands in an abandoned café, chatting voices and jazz music can be heard. The tram driving past the windows shakes the room. It is quiet. A long, white thread curtain opens slowly and invites you into the next room. A large cube hangs in the middle, its shadow seems to wander. From a distance a voice sings a fragment of Mathilde Wesendonck's Im Treibhaus. It leads you through a long white tunnel. There more voices join in, the choir fills the tunnel. The gaze spots another cube, which breaks into separate pieces while coming closer.


The project was created in cooperation with Kunstraum D21 and was funded by the City of Leipzig's Cultural Office.