Text | world premiere on 18th of October 2019 | Studio Naxos | Frankfurt am Main

By: Laura Immler, Hannes Köpke

Hält uns wach is a play in three acts about the massive tax fraud with cum-ex deals. It is one of the three winning pieces from the What a mess – It’s Cum-Ex competition by Studio Naxos in Frankfurt, where it was also staged for the first time in October 2019.

In cum-ex transactions, to put it simply, a capital gains tax (which was only paid once) is repaid to the shareholders several times by quickly circulating a block of shares around the declaration date.

The first act, in landscape format, has a three-column structure. In the middle is the daily routine: breakfast, work, family, theater, evening; Right: text areas that describe rooms. Left: text samples of other texts as a comment. The second act, in portrait format, deals with the declaration date. The rotation of the stock is overlapping a drug intoxication. Days of death are placed in the lower right corner. In the third act, again in landscape format, the hangover is told as an utopian standstill after an intoxication.

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