Residency | April 2019 | Frankfurt LAB | Frankfurt am Main

By and with: Laura Immler, Hannes Köpke, Jasmina Rezig, Olivia Rosendorfer, Konstantin Sieghart  

Trailer on Youtube

Classifying work as “meaningful” is no longer that easy. If it is not only about making money, there are just a few suitable meanigful reasons. Neither “save the world” nor “act godly” seem plausible to us. Still, we seem to be getting something out of our work. In ARBEITENDE we examine how different work rhythms and structures can provide stability or motorize, roll over or bore. 

In the center of the piece is the small section of the back stage with a staircase. Through the huge, empty stage, the audience can watch fragments of transport processes that seem pointless but beautiful, sometimes dull. The processes are accompanied by an electronic lounge rhythm played live, which is linked to text projections from Wolfgang Herrndorf's Arbeit und Struktur. In a second part the music turns into something devastating and threatening. The audience enters the stage and can now watch a performer under the tribune, who is casting hands with existential urgency.


Arbeitende was created as part of the residence program of the Frankfurt LAB.